Astor Invest

The firm deals with both complex construction
and the execution of works separately


Phone: (+372) 515 0761
Aadress: Maardu, Estonia


The main objective for us is to satisfie a customer. On the first place is the quality of the work performed, short time of work and friendly chat with the customer

We offer both complex construction and each work separately

We offer a profitable purchase and delivery of materials


We offer construction supervision


We offer completing the necessary documentation

We offer cleaning and garbage disposal

We offer full support throughout the whole process

We offer drafting of projects

More about the company

Our company works since 2006 year.

There are working only best experts of construction.

Any questions?

Contact us in a way convenient for you and we will be happy to help you in any matter!

(+372) 515 0761

Maardu, Estonia